colts polo & riding


Colts Polo & Riding is based at the stables of Paisano Polo Academy in Turf City. The stables and arenas, were part of the old Turf Club Quarantine Facilities, and are composed of the following:
colts polo and riding lessons


With capacity to stable up to 20 horses, our stables are standard sized and provided with fans.


Horses get to rest and stretch their legs at purpose-built paddocks next to the stables.  We give our horses a well-deserved rest every day after their morning exercise!

colts polo and riding lessons
colts polo and riding lessons

Small Riding

Here is where our younger students take their first lessons, generally lead-rein lessons where they learn the basics of horse riding in a safe, confined space.

We do lead-rein walk and trot lessons until our young students are confident to ride independently.

colts polo and riding lessons

Middle Riding

The newest addition to the riding school, is the Middle Arena.  A large 60mts x 30 mts arena, which was recently resurfaced and layered, to accommodate polo riding and polo lessons.  
In this arena we deliver lessons to all age groups, with particular focus on the beginner groups who require closer coaching.
We also hold beginner stick and ball practice in this arena, as it is sufficiently spacious to have a good hit around with the polo mallets.

colts polo and riding lessons

Main Polo

This is our polo field!
A large purpose-built polo arena, of 70mts x 40mts, here is where we hold our group polo lessons for the more advance children and the adult beginners.

This is where we host group lessons, stick and ball sessions and chukkas, it all happens here!